No. 1002 is an electrically heated, 500ºF (~260ºC) cabinet oven currently used for various test procedures in the customer’s laboratory. Workspace dimensions measure 20”W x 20”D x 20”H. 8KW are installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular elements to heat the unit, while a 400CFM, ⅓-HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow across the load.

This oven features 4” insulated walls throughout; Type 304, 2B stainless steel interior with continuously back- welded seam construction; stainless steel exterior with #4 brushed finish; heavy-duty door and door frame; three nickel-plated wire shelves; and adjustable patented opposed louvers on full-coverage supply and return ductwork.

No. 1002 is equipped with safety equipment for handling flammable solvents, including explosion-venting door hardware, an exhauster airflow safety switch, a purge timer and a digital temperature controller.

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