Asymtek, a Nordson company, recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of its founding. Established in 1983, Asymtek has become a leader in providing automated precision fluid dispensing and conformal coating systems worldwide. Asymtek’s systems are known for technology leadership in dispensing, closed-loop process controls and patented processes in jetting and coating. Customers include leaders in semiconductor packaging and printed circuit board assemblers in a range of industries. The company celebrated the anniversary on June 6, 2008, at an all-employee meeting.

Asymtek was founded by Robert Ciardella, Alec Babiarz and Philip Maiorca, all of whom worked together at Hewlett-Packard in research and development of computer peripheral products, including ink jet printers. They identified what is now called “benchtop automation” and aimed their efforts at the electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging markets. Their first benchtop motion system was sold in 1984. A year later, a dispense head was added and the first automated dispenser was created. A major breakthrough came in 1992 when Asymtek released its patented jetting technology. Jetting has now become the standard in dispensing and has enabled many of the microelectronics and emerging technologies we have today.

Nordson Corp. acquired Asymtek in 1996 after it had been Asymtek’s customer for over nine years. “The partnership effectively brought together the two companies’ dispensing process knowledge and technology to offer a wider range of production solutions,” explained John Byers, Asymtek’s president.

Over the years, Asymtek has earned many industry awards that recognize its dispensing innovations and customer service. These include Intel’s Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Awards (five consecutive years);Circuits Assembly’s Service Excellence Awards (five consecutive years);SMTandSMT China’s Vision Awards (two consecutive years); Global Technology Awards fromGlobal SMT & Packagingmagazine (three consecutive years);Advanced Packaging Awards;EM Asia’s Innovation award;Semiconductor International’s Editors’ Choice Awards for Best Product (two consecutive years);EP&P’s Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing Awards; and the Milton Kiver Award.

Asymtek still manufactures its products in the United States and stays competitive by adopting lean concepts for both manufacturing and non-manufacturing departments; using common platforms and software; encouraging employee ideas; and focusing on technology and total cost-of-ownership rather than compromising product or service quality.