This company has added a new series of three compact and cost-effective passive RFID tags for use on metal with optimum performance. The tag design eliminates most interference from metals and liquids and allows the tags to function efficiently in harsh environments. These UHF Gen 2 transponders are useful for supply chain management and high-value asset tracking, and are supplied with a standard label covering finish or a ruggedized rigid case finish.

“The Max” is a world class, long-range passive UHF RFID tag with a read range of greater than 40 feet, and offers ultimate tracking for applications like automotive conveyances, pallets, large high-value assets and cargoes (railroad and sea containers), and vehicles.

“The Flex” has an outstanding performance-to-size ratio, and is a medium-range passive UHF RFID tag with a read range greater than 16.5 feet, providing enhanced visibility in a manufacturing or retail environment. The Flex performs precise asset registration and has security benefits; it is efficient for laptop tracking, shelf-edge retail and locating in a warehouse; automotive parts and components tracking; and tool tracking.

“The Prox” is small, short-range passive UHF RFID tag with a managed read range greater than 8 feet. It delivers incomparable accuracy for tracking smaller high-value IT assets, such as electronic devices, communications/network cards, servers, and asset rentals.

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