ARclad®8416 (black) and ARclad 8516 (white) are double-sided foam tapes specifically developed to achieve higher glazing performance by combining a high-performance acrylic adhesive with a strong, but flexible, foam carrier. These two tapes offer an enhanced bond between the tape and glass interface versus other commercially available rubber and acrylic glazing tapes, as well as greater resistance to moisture, humidity and heat. The flexible foam also allows for smoother radius corners.

ARclad glazing tapes are ideally suited for sealing window assemblies in plastic, vinyl, metal and wood framing systems. These tapes create an immediate bond with no cure time and offer superior cold flex, low odor and cyclic shock resistance.

The complete line of ARclad glazing tapes also includes the ARclad 2000 line of double-faced glazing tapes that feature a high-strength, creep-resistant synthetic rubber adhesive for long-term holding power and the ARclad 3000 series of flexible, acrylic glazing tapes that offer a quick, solvent-free bonding method that provides customers with time- and cost-saving advantages. Both series of these glazing tapes are available on white or black polyethylene foams in various thicknesses.

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