Creative Materials has announced a series of unique single-component, electrically conductive, B-stageable epoxy adhesives. The 118-06 series of products is available for a variety of application techniques, such as screen-printing, pad-printing, stencil application and B-staged films. This series offers excellent thermal stability, outstanding high-temperature performance and an operating temperature range of -55°C to 230ºC. One application example is the assembly of electrical and electronic components to flexible and rigid circuitry. In addition, these products can be applied directly to the backside of wafers prior to the dicing process.

The 118-06(SP) adhesive is screen-printable and has long screen life. The 118-06(PP) adhesive is pad-printable and allows for very thin (as low as 0.15 microns) and small feature designs. The 118-06(ST) adhesive can be stencil-applied at very large thickness. 118-06(SD) is offered in various sizes of syringes for automated or manual dispensing.

118-06 products are also available as adhesive films, pre-case on release liner at dry thicknesses ranging from 10 to 125 microns. An adhesive film provides uniformity of thickness and precise application. Film adhesives can be die-cut into any shape and easily placed exactly where the adhesive is needed. In addition, adhesive films provide ease of clean up as well as accurate and repeatable cure. 118-06 B-staged adhesive films are already partially cured and can complete the cure with an exact amount of heat/pressure for a specific period of time.

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