Creative Materials, Inc. recently introduced GPC 251A/B2612, a two-component 100% solids, silver-filled conductive epoxy adhesive. According to the company, this product is useful in wearable applications, especially those requiring wash durability of more than 100 wash cycles.

Creative Materials reports that GPC 251A/B2612 is available in convenient packaging options, including pre-measured bi-paks, and has a 1:1 mix ratio. GPC 251A/B2612 is curable at room temperature, ranging up to 120°C. Higher cure temperatures reduce the cure cycle to as low as 5 min. GPC 251A/B2612 combines properties of high conductivity, flexibility, high tensile strength, and low stress. Typical applications include the mounting of connectors, components, and sensors to wearable devices.

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