The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. (ASC) recently unveiled a new web portal dedicated to engineers, designers, architects and others who wish to understand the benefits and advantages adhesives and sealants bring to modern product design and assembly. On Sept. 1,www.Adhesives.orgofficially went public.

The website compiles important information on not only how butwhichadhesives and sealants will benefit the various and numerous industries that use them. With information on industry standards, structural design, health and safety, as well as training and education,www.Adhesives.orghas the information users need to make the right bonding decision. The site's innovative Tech Select Tool leads users through a series of questions about their needs to produce a targeted list of links to applicable adhesive and sealant technologies and corresponding suppliers, yet the site remains non-commercial by presenting unbiased options and information.

Recognizing the importance of business and consumer trends,www.Adhesives.orgalso includes information on how adhesives and sealants are being developed to reflect current market concerns, including going "green," safety, regulatory issues, and environmental protection. For college engineering students,www.Adhesives.orgoffers a student resource center, making it an online source of objective information for adhesives and sealants.

ASC is currently soliciting feedback from the design-engineering community on how to improve upon and enhance the usability of the site's offerings. Designers, engineers and other bonding decision-makers are encouraged to visit the website and fill out a brief survey to help ASC further customize the site.

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