This company now offers Moyno®L-Frame Progressing Cavity Pumps for handling viscous and abrasive adhesives, mastics, and sealants. These versatile pumps offer numerous performance-enhancing and cost-saving features, resulting in maximum operating efficiency. Moyno L-Frame Pumps are self-priming to prevent vapor or air lock.

Standard flange models feature a modular design with a simple pin-type universal joint assembly for easy maintenance. All L-Frame Pumps are available with a variety of drive options, sealing configurations, motors and controls to address critical application requirements.

Additional product feature include: non-pulsating, metered flow; long life, even in abrasive applications; quiet, vibration-free operation; easy on-site maintenance; low product shear; viscosities over 1,000,000 cps; capacities to 450 gpm; pressures to 2,100 psi; and more.

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