Dow Corning silicones allow blend of design and function to create iconic cultural centers around the world.

Adding to the joy that music and theater brings to cultural patrons - as well as to the cities in which they are located - is a new generation of striking architecture made possible by silicone-glazing technology.

“Architects, designers and builders can now create venues with the elegance, drama, and sophistication that befit their imaginations,” said Mike Blaszkowski, Construction industry marketing manager, Dow Corning.

Compared to other types of sealants, the chemical structure of silicone gives it superior adhesion to and compatibility with a variety of building substrates, such as ceramic, glass, plastic, and metal. This allows buildings to incorporate more artistic three-dimensional glass curtain wall designs without sacrificing the strength, stability and longevity of traditional mechanical fasteners.

“Silicone glazing systems are able to flex, extend and compress with the daily stress of thermal shear that allows them to maintain their strong adhesion, even under the most extreme of environmental conditions,” Blaszkowski said. Examples of aesthetically innovative buildings that have benefited from silicone technology include the following.

Opryland Hotel Convention Center

Nestled in the heartland of Nashville, TN, music echoes through the laminated glass covering the Delta atrium at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center. Dow Corning silicone sealants were used in the glazing and weather sealing of the approximately 5,000 panels of glass that encompass the 4.5 acre skylight atrium. Currently the hub of activity at Opryland, the Delta is home to several retail stores and restaurants. The large and sophisticated project required effective teamwork between Dow Corning and the contractor, consultant, architect, and other material suppliers involved in the project.

Shanghai Oriental Arts Center

Shanghai Oriental Arts Center

China’s Shanghai Oriental Arts Center features a unique façade that resembles a butterfly orchid in bloom. Its complicated spider fixing system uses more than 40,000 square meters of laminated glass to house five separate performance halls. The Dow Corning weatherproofing sealant that was used to successfully assemble the curtain wall façade has been proven to avoid the problem of glass delamination. Dow Corning also recommended this product because its black color matches the specified glass, ensuring the aesthetic quality and bringing the architect’s idea and inspiration to life.

Złote Tarasy

Złote Tarasy

In the heart of Warsaw, Poland, architects envisioned an imaginative and innovative space to house a cultural center that includes office space and shopping in addition to an entertainment complex. Złote Tarasy’s dramatic curved-ceiling design required an equally innovative solution. Dow Corning silicone sealants were used to bond and seal more than 10,000 square meters of triangular glass panels, creating a complex curtain wall that protects the bustling space below.

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