Global specialty chemicals manufacturer Sartomer Co. and R.M. Ferguson Specialty Chemicals (Brampton, Ontario, Canada) recently marked their 40th anniversary of working together to promote photocure monomers, resins, and other products used in rubber, adhesive, coatings, inks, and other applications.

“For 40 years, R.M. Ferguson has played an important role in establishing our strategic presence in Canada,” said Albert Tuccio, Jr., vice president, Americas, Sartomer Co. “Together, we’ve educated the market about how our products benefit the end user, and we’ve laid a foundation on which we can build another 40 years of business together.”

The companies marked the anniversary with a dinner reception and golf event near Sartomer’s corporate headquarters in Exton, PA.

The two companies began working together after R.M. Ferguson president David Jackson, Sr. inked the deal with Sartomer in 1968. His son, David Jackson, Jr., is the company’s current president.

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