The new Compact by DeVilbissTMI and X automatic guns are production spray guns suitable for use with automatic and semi-automatic machines. Available for use in all industries, the spray guns have stainless steel passages and are able to spray a range of waterborne and solvent-based coating materials.

The Compact automatic X spray gun can be detached from its mounting block in a few seconds using an easy thumb release mechanism. This provides fast, easy maintenance and serviceability, which dramatically reduces production downtime.

Available in three different technologies, both the Compact I non-detachable and Compact X with detachable mounting block allow you to choose the best option for your individual process:
  • HVLP – Maintains EPA compliance, produces a superb finish and provides outstanding coating atomization with all types of solvent and waterborne materials.
  • Trans Tech – Superior atomization and exceptionally efficient material transfer allow for optimum coverage. Paint usage is achieved with reduced air consumption, lowering electrical needs and energy costs.
  • Advanced Conventional – Featuring air caps that outperform the competition, these are designed with a unique high-capacity airflow that provides outstanding atomization and produces superior results. Advanced Conventional Air Caps make this gun an ideal performer in both small operations and high-volume facilities.
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