Cytec Industries Inc. has announced the launch of its new GELVA® multipolymer radiation (GMR) 8020-02 UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). This product is expected to meet the industry’s growing needs for a UV-curable adhesive with exceptional adhesive characteristics for both low-energy and high-energy surfaces.

Targeted usage for this 100%-solids, UV-curable PSA includes high-performance industrial tapes, automotive instrument panel and electronic assemblies, nameplates, low- and high-surface-energy materials, and foam tapes. Cytec’s goal in creating this low-VOC formulation is to enable tape manufacturers to be competitive in markets where solvent-based PSA products are not practical.

GMR 8020-02 offers an excellent peel/shear balance in comparison to other adhesive technologies. It is designed to require less energy consumption during the curing process and provides a wide cure window for thick deposition coating, even at high line speeds. This advanced-quality UV-curable PSA was created to reduce user costs, including capital investment, freight and inventory expenses.

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