This company has introduced a new Servo-FloTM608 meter system designed to meter-mix and dispense two-component materials for high-speed dispensing applications. A new positive rod displacement design eliminates the normal reload cycle of a standard rod displacement meter system and maintains the precision metering and long-life features of positive rod displacement. This design allows the meter to dispense large volumes of material without reloading.

The Servo-Flo 608 meter also has dual servo drive motors in its design. This new design feature allows the manufacturer to dial in the material ratio with precision. This feature is especially important for users who want to adjust or use more than one material formulation in the dispensing system. For example, one meter system can dispense two different resins using the same catalyst. The ratios and preset volumes are adjusted at the operator control panel. Changing metering tubes to change ratio is eliminated.

This new servo-drive meter is engineered to dispense materials such as two-part urethanes, epoxies, silicones and acrylics in temperature-controlled robotic and manual dispensing applications. The meter is engineered to handle virtually all mix ratios of two-component material formulations. This system is designed to dispense up to 200g/sec (at 1:1 ratio), can vary the target ratio by a factor up to 10 times and can typically handle up to 1,000 parts per hour or more.

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