Power Adhesives has announced the introduction of TECTM6100 hot-melt glue gun for the application of hot-melt adhesives to sand cores in sand or die casting foundries or steel dies for faster, more efficient bonding than other bonding systems, such as water-based glues.

Benefits over other fixing systems include instant bonding with no wait time, improved bond application and accuracy, increased productivity, and a reduction of scrap.

The TEC 6100 hot-melt glue gun from Power Adhesives has highly efficient twin 250 Watt steel heaters along with 500 Watts of power to meet the most demanding foundry application. Features include a fully enclosed heater housing with silicon rubber nozzle shroud for operator safety and a power-on warning indicator light for easy monitoring. A fast, even and controllable melt rate and a two-piece, easy-flow nozzle assure fast and smooth molten glue flow for better control of the adhesive.

Advanced design housing of the TEC 6100 offers maximum thermal efficiency for a fast warm-up time of no more than five minutes from cold. Melt rate is up to 9 lbs/hr, depending on the adhesive used and temperature required.

For more information, visitwww.poweradhesives.com.