Bayer MaterialScience, a leading polyurethane raw materials and polyurethane systems supplier, recently inaugurated its new polyurethane systems house in Guangzhou, China. The company now owns a global network of 30 systems houses in close proximity to its customers. With customized polyurethanes solutions, the new BaySystems systems house will serve customers in diverse industries including the automotive, construction, appliance, furniture and footwear segments.

“By 2015, China will have become the largest polyurethanes market in the world,” said Peter Vanacker, head of the Polyurethanes Business Unit and a member of the Executive Committee of Bayer MaterialScience. “Despite the current economic downturn, which has led to substantial reductions in our capacity utilization, we continue to believe in the long-term high growth potential of polyurethane systems globally and, in particular, in China.”

The new systems house is integrated into Bayer’s global network of systems houses and is supported by R&D and technical centers around the world. The Polymer R&D Center (PRDC) in Shanghai, for instance, gathers under one roof Bayer MaterialScience’s global expertise in polyurethane footwear and spray technologies at its Global Footwear Competence Center and Spray Center.

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