Ames Corp. has announced the availability of a new line of AMESSealTM Form-In-Place gasketing systems for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), Direct Methanol (DMFC) and Phosphoric Acid (PAFC) Fuel Cells. Designed to improve sealing performance and durability while reducing costs, AMESSeal provides an adaptable solution to the sealing needs of fuel cell stack, membrane electrode assembly (MEA) and bipolar plate manufacturers

The AMESSeal programmable liquid delivery system functions by automatically dispensing and bonding a thin bead of low-durometer elastomers directly onto metal, graphite, or polymer substrates. Compared to traditional die-cut or molded gaskets, the AMESSeal system creates a 50% decrease in possible sources of leakage. A customer’s available selection of silicone or fluoroelastomer materials, depending on the temperature and chemical resistance characteristics required for their specific needs, makes the AMESSeal system applicable to a variety of fuel cell applications.

Ames also offers the AMESSeal gasketing system in a multi-layer composite version, which combines the compliance and sealing of silicone with the improved chemical and temperature resistance and durability of a fluoroelastomer, ensuring integrity of sealing over the entire gasket surface. Beads with a height tolerance of .05mm are applied in various sizes with height-to-width ratios ranging from 1:1.5 to 1:6. In addition, adhesion levels can be tailored to satisfy specific sealing needs. Multiple beads can be applied side-by-side, and custom size beads are also available.

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