WACKER POLYMERS recently announced a change in the names of its Airflex®, Flexbond®, Flexcryl®and Vinac®products. All vinyl acetate homopolymer, vinyl acetate-ethylene and acrylic copolymer grades will now be known as VINNAPAS®. All copolymer dispersions containing vinyl chloride will now be known as VINNOL®. The goal is to simplify communications with customers, distributors and research facilities worldwide via a uniform nomenclature. Another objective is to further boost product recognition and customer acceptance.

WACKER POLYMERS is a leading manufacturer of vinyl acetate-ethylene and vinyl chloride copolymers used mainly as binders in the construction-chemical, adhesive, nonwoven, paint, surface-coating, paper, carpet, and textile industries.

Last year, WACKER acquired Air Products and Chemicals’ shares in Air Products Polymers (APP) and Wacker Polymer Systems (WPS), its two former joint ventures. APP and WPS are now fully integrated into the WACKER Group.

For more information, visitwww.wacker.com.