Brookfield Engineering Laboratories is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the release of a new 2009catalog that features its complete line of viscometers/rheometers and texture analyzers.

New products for 2009 include:
  • CT3 TEXTURE ANALYZER – A new-generation instrument that features not only traditional Compression Mode but also a brand new Tension Mode.
  • DV-II+ PRO VISCOMETER – This newly redesigned viscometer featuers a contemporary look with an updated shape, color scheme and keypad laout. The DV-II+ Pro is Brookfield’s most popular and versatile viscometer, providing continuous viscosity sensing, temperature measurement, and data display.
  • R/S RHEOMETER – The redesigned R/S Rheometer delivers both controlled stress and controlled rate testing. In addition to the modern styling of the instrument, the new R/S Plus features a smaller-diameter spindle shaft, smaller size water jacket accessory and direct control of temperature from the keypad on specific models.
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