This company has announced the availability of its new Cen-Tite®line-up of plastic containers. This packaging includes the all-plastic quart and gallon containers, and the hybrid gallon container that combines plastic and metal. These consumer-researched containers can be used to store latex paints, colorants, coatings, adhesives, powders and more.

The all-plastic quart and gallon containers have a two-piece, pour-friendly, no-mess design. The bodies are constructed of recyclable polypropylene, and the polyethylene peel-off lids can be removed and resealed by hand with no tools required. Both all-plastic products have patent-applied closure systems. The hybrid gallon container has a polypropylene body and metal friction-top lid with a metal ring. Both gallon containers have ears for a baled metal handle. This packaging is compatible with existing fill lines and adaptable to paint shakers. It is warehouse stackable and requires minimal changes to labels and cartons.

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