This company, a developer and manufacturer of custom pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, specialty coatings, films, and laminates, has announced the availability of ARcare®92205, a hydrophilic porous pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology that increases device functionality by rapidly transmitting fluids or gasses while bonding filters and membranes within in-vitro diagnostic devices.

ARcare 92205 is an adhesive transfer film that offers a stable pore structure of isolated channels in the Z-axis to guide aqueous fluids evenly from one layer to the next to prevent spread that can affect test accuracy. The adhesive’s pores are uniformly distributed, open cells that create a low-density, highly permeable structure. The pores range in diameter from 200 to 500 microns and present 30%-50% porosity with a finished film thickness of 2-8 mils.

This product is available in rolled transfer film or coated film formats on a range of substrates, and the physical properties of the adhesive can be customized to suit unique applications.

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