ChemInstruments, Fairfield, OH, has announced the acquisition of the manufacturing and distribution rights to the CAM-Plus contact angle meters formerly produced by the Tantec Group.

The “Tantec” CAM-Plus contact angle meter design provides: operator-independent, consistent measurements with dyne level readings from 10 to 70; an easy-to-use finite liquid dispensing system for improved accuracy (sessile drop); a bright clear image on a large display screen for easy of viewing; and multiple platform configurations for small samples, films, wire, tubular samples, printed circuit boards (PCB), plastic ball grip array (PBGAs). The CAM-Plus has been designed for full compatibility with test methods ASTM D20.19, D724, D5946 and TAPPI T458 cm-94, and is available with a N.I.S.T. traceable angle certification report.

With the addition of the CAM-Plus surface energy meter product line, ChemInstruments can now support customers requiring precise contact angle measurements on material surfaces ranging from circuit boards to pieces of wire, film and paper. “The CAM-Plus surface energy meter and its patented method of calculating contact angles allows users to get a true reading of the correct surface energy before they print ink on packaging materials, apply adhesives to film label stock, or apply release coatings to paper and film liners,” said Keith W. Muny, president of the ChemInstruments division. “We think it is an excellent addition to the globally recognized line of ChemInstruments testing equipment for the adhesive, sealant, ink and converting industries.”

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