The Spiroflow Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor is ideal for use with a range of materials, particle sizes and bulk densities for discharging from bulk bags, silos, hoppers, transportable rigid bins, mixers, reactors, or dryers in process industries such as food, chemical, plastic, and others.

The conveyor can be controlled volumetrically or gravimetrically from the source vessel or by ‘gain in weight’ at the receiving end.

Designed with the operator in mind, the Spiroflow Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor is easy to maneuver by a single attendant. Locking wheels ensure stability and safety when the conveyor is in use at the various locations, parked or being cleaned elsewhere.

The system’s mobility allows use for diverse and multiple product applications in different areas of the plant. System design accommodates easy product changeovers and allows different products to be conveyed using the same system for maximum economy.

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