The new PDS-100 from Fluid Metering Inc. is a programmable dispensing system that uses precision stepper motors to control a variety of FMI’s patented valveless piston pumps.

The PDS-100 has a range from 500 nanoliters per dispense to 2 liters per minute continuous flow. It will accommodate all FMI pump sizes in both fixed and adjustable displacement configurations.

The pump heads are integrally mounted to the control unit, which is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum enclosure. The control unit includes the stepper motor drives as well as programmable driver electronics.

The front face of the enclosure has an LED readout used to display menu-driven programming, as well as membrane switches for navigating through the programming steps.

The PDS-100 can be configured to control either one or two pump heads. In configurations with two pump heads, each pump can be controlled independently for dual proportional dispensing and metering, or synchronized to produce a smooth, pulseless flow.

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