Fluid Metering, Inc. of Syosset, NY, recently unveiled its new VMP Electronic Variable Displacement Metering Pump for accurate dispensing of ultraviolet (UV) sensitive fluids. Typical fluids that fall into this category include UV-curable adhesives, UV coatings and photolithography chemicals.

The VMP Variable Displacement Dispenser is a fully programmable dispensing system that utilizes FMI’s patented CeramPump®Valveless piston pump design. A precision stepper motor controls the pump speed, and a second stepper motor electronically adjusts the piston displacement. This provides ultra-fine dispense adjustments through the variation of piston stroke length.

The VMP can be programmed for a variety of functions using a user-friendly Touch Screen Interface (TSI) that can control up to 16 pumps on a single bus. Up to 128 metering devices can be controlled using a PLC or computer. The VMP will store up to 100 programs, allowing users to change between setups on the fly.

For more information, visitwww.fmipump.com.