Creative Materials now offers a series of custom formulated radio opaque inks and adhesives used in radiographic medical diagnostic procedures. Specifically, these products are used for the marking of catheters and balloons or in pressure-sensitive labels. They are radio opaque with most radiographic procedures, including x-ray, CT, CAT scan and mammography.

Creative’s radio opaque inks and adhesives are custom designed to adhere to a range of plastics. The products are formulated to be applied by several methods, including pad printing, screen-printing and syringe dispensing.

113-15 is lead-free and is suitable for use in biocompatible markers. It demonstrates excellent adhesion to polyester, polyimide and PVC.

124-35 is resistant to flexing and creasing and demonstrates excellent adhesion to difficult-to-bond plastics, including Pebax, silicone, and fluorinated materials.

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