For potting and sealing applications where bond line aesthetics are critical, Henkel Corp. has introduced Loctite®Ultra-Clear Two-Part Silicones.  These unique adhesives/sealants rapidly bond dissimilar substrates - especially glass - and maintain flexibility at both high and low temperatures (-60 to 450ºF).  

Loctite Ultra-Clear Two-Part Silicones cure to handling strength in 15 minutes and offer shelf lives in excess of 12 months at room temperature. These adhesives rapidly build strength and reliably support heavy components such as windows, skylights, outdoor signs and displays.  Three ultra-clear, non-corrosive silicone products are currently available.   

Loctite 5620TMis a fast-curing silicone that cures in 30 minutes at room temperature.  Loctite 5623TMis a tack-free, tough silicone gel that cures in 24 hours at room temperature or in just one hour at 100ºC.  Loctite 5625TMis a soft, re-enterable gel silicone that allows for potting compound repair and cures in 24 hours at room temperature or in one hour at 100ºC.  All three products can be manually or pneumatically dispensed.

Resisting temperatures up to 230ºC, these non-corrosive silicones cure through large gaps and enclosed bond lines, require no primers and offer low odor dispensing. With elongations as great as 240%, these highly flexible materials withstand extreme vibration, flexing and thermal shock.  They are designed to resist UV rays, water, outdoor temperature variations and most cleaning solutions.  These two-part formulations provide consistent, uncomplicated mixing, with simple 1:1 mix ratios versus competitive 10:1 mix ratios.

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