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ASC Makes Green Initiatives

The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. (ASC) is committed to conserving and preserving the environment and its limited resources whenever possible. The organization incorporates sustainable practices into its daily operations and implements tactics to reduce the carbon footprint of its conventions and meetings.

ASC incorporates sustainable practices in its daily operations through:
  • An office recycling program (paper, glass and plastics).
  • Motion-sensor lighting – office and common areas are equipped with devices that detect motion and automatically turn on lights; after a period of inactivity, lights automatically go out.
  • Incentives for employees who commute to and from work using mass transit.
ASC is also greening its meetings by:
  • Selecting environmentally friendly hotels.
  • Limiting the use of plastics and all non-recyclable materials during conventions.
  • Reusing signage.
  • Providing electronic copies of convention proceedings.
  • Co-locating convention events to reduce or eliminate the need for shuttle buses or other convention transportation.
For convention marketing collateral, ASC is:
  • Reducing the number of printed conventional collateral pieces; most convention communications are sent electronically.
  • Designing convention collateral pieces to be self-mailers, thus eliminating the need for envelopes.
  • Printing convention collateral on recycled paper that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and/or Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
In addition, following are some ways ASC encourages its members to be greener.
  • Publishing industry sustainability guidelines.
  • Offering a “Green Resources” Web page.
  • Recommending that convention attendees counterbalance their travel with a carbon offset program, carpool to and from airports, and recycle convention materials and name badges.

Ashland Distribution Forms Green Program for Composites Manufacturers

In alliance with JHM Technologies Inc., New Boston RTM and SR Composites LLC, Ashland Distribution, Dublin, OH, has introduced “The Green Connection,” a program for closed-molding processes focused on improving productivity and environmental performance.

Through the Green Connection, Ashland customers interested in transitioning production to Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and Lite RTM have access to the capabilities of JHM Technologies and New Boston RTM. In addition, the SR Composites’ sprayable vacuum bag technology provides a powerful, production-proven solution to the Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM) process.

“Our customers are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and improve upon their environmental stewardship,” said Don Belock, Composites sales director, Ashland Distribution. “Our offering provides the most effective way for us to help our customers meet those goals. Our partners specialize in training, equipment, molds, tooling and production; by creating this connection, we provide a true strategic benefit for our customers.”

Composites manufacturers will be able to obtain the specialized skills, training and equipment for closed-molding processes all from one source. Closed-molding processes have proven reliability and improved cost efficiency; it is Ashland’s intent to ease the customer transition process for closed molding by bringing this connection together.

Closed-molding processes reduce the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), thus providing an improved work environment.

Vacuum bagging technology is a vital part of the VARTM process. Ashland Distribution exclusively offers a reusable, water-based sprayable infusion bag technology called SprayomerTMelastomers from SR Composites LLC. The proven durability of the bag allows manufacturers to reuse it for many cycles, which reduces the solid waste associated with disposable bagging technology.

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BASF Construction Chemicals' Building Systems headquarters and office/research complex has received LEED Silver certification.

BASF Construction Chemicals' Minnesota Headquarters Earns LEED Certification

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has awarded a LEED®Silver designation to the BASF Construction Chemicals’ Building Systems headquarters and office/research complex located in Shakopee, MN, near Minneapolis. It is the first BASF building to earn LEED certification and only the third building in Minnesota to earn LEED EB O&M certification.

LEED EB O&M stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design for Existing Buildings Operations & Maintenance. Developed and administered by the USGBC, this rating system helps building owners and operators identify and improve ongoing operations and maintenance of existing commercial and institutional buildings. A Silver certification verifies that BASF has achieved significant improvements in energy efficiency and water use. It also demonstrates that the company has developed and implemented programs to dramatically reduce waste to landfill, encourage and facilitate sustainable purchasing, and improve the indoor environmental quality of the building.

“We believe in and support the movement to improve not only the quality of new construction, but also the performance of the existing building stock,” said Doug MacRae, head of Building Systems. “As a supplier of products and solutions to this market, our decision to certify our building is an outward expression of our commitment, and has allowed us to more fully understand what it takes to participate in green and sustainable construction and renovation projects.”

BASF Construction Chemicals combines leading-edge chemistry with market expertise to help build and restore structures and infrastructure, while minimizing the impact of the construction process on the environment. It contributes to sustainable construction by offering products and systems to help lower energy and water usage; allowing for use of waste materials; preserving the built environment; increasing durability; and protecting structures to make them last longer.

Building Systems is the overall market leader of chemicals and building products for the construction industry. The Building Systems business of BASF Construction Chemicals is committed to providing quality products, systems and services designed to exceed the needs of construction professionals.

Bayer's IMPACT Technology a Green Alternative to Polyol Production

IMPACTTMtechnology from Bayer MaterialScience LLC is a “greener” alternative to conventional polyol production processes. According to Jack Reese, manager of polyether process development, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, dramatic improvements have been made to Bayer MaterialScience’s Channelview, TX, plant, including the elimination of 75 million pounds of wastewater and an 80% reduction in energy consumption, which equates to a yearly reduction of about 54 million pounds of CO2.

The key to the process, he says, is a combination of a catalyst invention and an innovative process design. The continuous process developed from these inventions replaces a semi-batch process that has been the industry standard for 50 years.

The initial invention was the development of a catalyst that is more than 10 times as reactive as other catalysts in this class and 1,000 times more reactive than conventional catalysts. This was coupled with the design of a novel process based on a unique catalyst characteristic by which low-molecular-weight materials react preferentially in a mixture of molecular weights. The combination of these two inventions results in a process with little or no waste. The continuous process saves energy by eliminating the heat-up cycle of the semi-batch process and further eliminates the energy and waste normally associated with catalyst removal.

“Recent milestones of a billion pounds of production using the continuous process in the U.S. and completion of technology licensing to major competitors has established IMPACT™ technology as the industry standard for environmental savings and productivity,” said Reese. “The technology is being considered for implementation worldwide as plants are being upgraded or constructed, increasing the positive effects on the environment, which include energy reductions, carbon dioxide equivalents reductions and waste elimination.”

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Cook Composites and Polymers Co. Receives 2009 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award

Cook Composites and Polymers Co. (CCP) received the 2009 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for Designing Greener Chemicals. Each year, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the program on behalf of the White House. The challenge is designed to recognize individuals, companies and technologies that incorporate sustainable chemistry into their product formulations, manufacturing processes, and end-use applications. This award was jointly presented to Cook Composites and Polymers and Procter & Gamble Chemicals (P&G) based on the Chempol®MPS technology that was developed and commercialized through collaborative efforts.

CCP’s Chempol MPS is a Sefose®-based alkyd resin technology that enables formulation of coatings with significantly fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional, solvent-borne alkyd coatings. Chempol MPS alkyd resins are specially formulated to perform like petroleum-based polymers while delivering both an improved environmental profile and an enhanced consumer usage experience.

”CCP is proud of this technological breakthrough,” said Ken Moran, CCP vice president of Sales and Marketing. “We appreciate the close working relationship with P&G Chemicals, which allowed us to combine their Sefose technology with our chemistry and formulation expertise. This collaboration was instrumental in the development of this green product solution.”

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Houston Dow Center Achieves LEED Gold Level Certification

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has awarded the new Houston Dow Center (HDC), which opened in October 2008, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold level certification. The HDC is one of three LEED Gold commercial interiors projects in Houston, and the seventh in Texas to achieve this certification.

In addition to the original goal of choosing a LEED-certifiable building and refurbishing five floors, the Facilities Management Technology Center set forth an aggressive goal to achieve LEED certification, which was done by closely following stringent LEED requirements and Dow office facility standards. This accomplishment was made possible through the efforts of Dow’s Lab and Office Facility Management (LOFM) team, who collaborated closely with building owner Core Real Estate, Yost Grube Hall Architecture, LEED consulting firm Apollo BBC, DE Harvey Builders, furniture provider Haworth Inc., and facilities management firm CBRE.

Renovation highlights include:
  • Each piece of construction material was comprised of at least 90% recycled materials.
  • Reusable plastic crates - no cardboard boxes - were used to move all 1,200 employees.
  • All appliances are Energy Star® rated, and kitchen areas accommodate 150 people each, eliminating the need for small refrigerators in work areas. While housing the same number of people as before, these sustainable efforts have reduced electricity use by 40% (2.1MM kwhr) - enough electricity to power over 180 average households.
These and other changes have helped to reduce water consumption by over 70% from the previous building.

“Pursuing and achieving LEED certification demonstrates our commitment to leading by example and setting the standard through responsible operations, which promises that our infrastructure has a positive impact on our communities and employees,” said Dave Kepler, Dow’s executive vice president and chief sustainability officer. “Being a leader requires that we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and achieving LEED certification validates that we are diligent in our pursuit of using resources more efficiently.”

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Fielco Adhesives to Minimize Environmental Impact

Even super-strong adhesives can be made in a more earth-friendly fashion. That’s the philosophy of the scientists at Fielco Adhesives, which is expanding its green line of products that are gentler on the environment without sacrificing adhesive performance.

Chief Adhesive Scientist Tony Ring says that the products, which range from temporary peelable coatings to tough epoxy pastes, demonstrate the company’s commitment to always keep the planet’s welfare in mind.

“Our one-part epoxies dramatically reduce the dependence on hazardous corrosive materials that two-part epoxies often require,” Ring says. “Whenever possible, we also make our products with renewable raw materials.”

According to Ring, Fielco generates less than 0.5% of non-hazardous waste per pound of finished product, and less than 0.1% hazardous waste per pound of finished product. Ninety-nine point five percent of the firm’s complete product line is non-solvent-based - good news for clients concerned about the potential environmental impact of their adhesives.

Fielco works to minimize cure temperature and reduce the cure time of its heat-cured adhesives.  Subsequently, the smallest amount of energy usage possible is required for processing, which results in a reduced carbon footprint for end-users.  Fielco also supplies ultraviolet-light-curable adhesives, which require less energy and further reduce carbon footprint.

Fielco embraces a “green” philosophy in its operations as well, maintaining a near-100%-paperless environment and offering clients instructions on how to handle adhesive products safely. The company uses a distillation unit to clean and recycle in-house cleaning solutions, and reusable totes for both raw and finished products.

“Going the extra mile to help the environment is absolutely worth it to us,” said Ring, “and we feel confident that our clients and partners agree.”

For more information, visitwww.fielco.comor phone (800) 825-7156.

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