In a move designed to further expand the company’s market and sales leadership, Henkel Corp. has selected Mr. Jim Wise to direct the global sales effort for its electronics assembly business.

With over 23 years of chemical industry experience, the last 20 of which have been spent with Henkel businesses, Wise brings unique perspective and expertise to his new role. Providing a combination of both scientific understanding and management skill, Wise’s background includes positions in chemistry R&D, technical service, applications, manufacturing, sales, and new business development. Wise formerly held top-level positions with Nacan, Acheson and Emerson & Cuming, and was an asset gained through Henkel’s acquisition of National Starch and Chemical’s Adhesives and Electronics Materials business.

As manager of the global sales effort, Wise has several business development priorities, the first of which is to address current and emerging customer requirements, delivering robust cost-effective materials solutions that enable competitiveness for assembly technologies.  In addition, effectively communicating the breadth of the organization to customers is top on Wise’s list, as Henkel now delivers materials solutions and a depth of knowledge for numerous product classes that include solder materials, conductive adhesives, circuit board protection materials, inks and coatings, underfills, and thermally conductive materials.

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