This company recently introduced its patented Micro-Dot dispenser, which combines a syringe-type fluid container with a precise, infinitely variable and repetitive hand-held manual dispenser.

The Micro-Dot is comprised of a plunger that extends in precise increments each time the actuating lever is depressed, allowing users to dispense a variety of materials with repeatability and precision. The unit also incorporates a safety mechanism, which safeguards against accidental actuation. 

This dispenser combines a syringe-like fluid reservoir with a plunger-less piston that seals the fluid being dispensed. To ensure that the syringe is always in place, Tridak has incorporated a safety interlock feature. The safety interlock leaves the Micro-Dot’s plunger completely free until the syringe is completely rotated into position and secured in the dispenser’s body.

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