The Industrial Adhesives business of Henkel Corp. has published six flyers featuring information about the company’s products that promote green and sustainable goals in multiple applications and markets.

  • “Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Solutions” details Henkel’s DURO-TAK® and Technomelt® adhesive products.
  • “Adhesive Solutions for Folding Cartons” features Henkel’s CycloflexTM adhesives and MiraFoil® coatings.
  • “Flexible Packaging Adhesive Solutions” focuses on Henkel’s LIOFOL® solventless laminating adhesives with Smart Cure technology.
  • “Adhesive Solutions for Nonwovens” describes how adhesive users can optimize processes and enhance sustainability with Henkel’s ProControl® system and Dispomelt® Cool adhesive.
  • “Packaging Adhesive Technologies” provides information on six Henkel offerings that promote sustainability: The EASY-PAC® system; Technomelt® COOL Adhesive; Technomelt® Supra high-performance metallocene-based packaging hot-melt adhesive; Euromelt® hot-melt labeling adhesives; Technomelt® Supra palletizing products; and the ProControl® dispensing system.
  • “Construction & Wood Adhesive Technologies” describes how Henkel products can reduce VOCs, improve productivity, save energy, enhance quality and improve durability.

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