MACtac®Medical Products is providing customers with a quick and easy tool to learn more about the company's expanding line of medical adhesive systems with its 2009MACtac Medical Adhesive Systems Product Offering Book. The comprehensive guide contains 40 pages of product data, information and visuals to help manufacturers and OEMs find ideal products for their applications.

MACtac's product offering guide focuses on product specs and applications within its AcrysureTMand SilkTMadhesive lines. These skin-friendly medical adhesives are available in a variety of constructions, including foams, films and non-wovens, to fit a variety of medical device assembly applications such as disposable electrodes, surgical drapes, wound dressings, and ostomy devices.

Designed with a clean, contemporary style that easily illustrates product constructions and uses, theMedical Adhesive Systems Product Offering Bookreflects the latest science in medical adhesive solutions. With accurate details and descriptions of each product, the guide provides easy access to a repository of information that customers can reference when determining what they need to solve real-world applications.

TheMedical Adhesive Systems Product Offering Bookis regularly refreshed and is available online easy download to ensure users stay up-to-date with the latest trends, products, examples, and information.