Oxford Advanced Surfaces Group Plc (OAS) recently announced the development of a new technology that promotes adhesion with a range of industrial epoxy adhesives. The Onto®adhesion promoter can increase adhesion to materials such as polyimides and PET polymers where epoxy adhesives on their own fail to achieve satisfactory bonding.

Onto adhesion promoters can be several nanometers to several microns thick depending on the application. They can be used with a range of substrates including polymers, inorganic materials, and metals, and can be applied with a choice of wet application processes.

Potential applications for this new industrial adhesion promoter are within the hi-tech engineering, aerospace, automotive, electronics semiconductors, displays, and printed circuit boards industries. It can also be used in industrial packaging, industrial coatings, composites, and laminates.

OAS develops and commercializes advanced material solutions that are cost effective and deliver valuable changes to the functionality of all kinds of surfaces via their platform surface modification technology. OAS uses proprietary highly reactive chemistry in combination with polymers and/or particles to provide solutions that deliver enhanced performance and enable new opportunities. Initial applications include adhesion, anti-tarnishing of silver, anti-reflectance coatings and particle delivery in markets including advanced composites and laminates, electronics, lighting, displays, and fast-moving consumer goods.

For more information, visitwww.oxfordsurfaces.com.