Dolphin Blue, Pinnacle Label enter exclusive agreement to market and sell the industry’s first 100%-recyclable printing label.

Pinnacle Label Inc. is a market leader in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels. The company produces stock and custom-cut sheet labels for electronic imaging equipment and sheet-fed offset presses. It recently introduced Recyclabels®, a line of cut sheet-printer labels manufactured with 100% post-consumer recycled and certified processed chlorine-free facestock, recyclable backing material, and recyclable permanent adhesive. The adhesive material allows the facestock to be recycled as well.

Heat and pressure from printers can force adhesives out of the sides of many label sheets. Pinnacle’s proprietary manufacturing process, Clean Edge Technology®, eliminates the adhesive from the outer 1/16" of the label sheet. Removing the adhesive at the edge of the sheet also eliminates seepage, which in turn causes fewer paper jams and lowers maintenance costs.

Recyclabels were created in direct response to former President Clinton’s Executive Order 13148 section 702 “Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management.” Recyclabels cut-sheet printer labels were recently assigned National Stock Numbers with the General Services Administration (GSA), supporting the federal government’s green initiatives in buying products that create a sustainable planet.

The Recyclabels line is offered on office supplier Dolphin Blue’s Web site. “Manufacturers should all take notes from Pinnacle,” said Thomas Kemper, Dolphin Blue CEO and founder. “They took a product that most see as a disposable commodity and made the product as environmentally responsible as it can get. We urge other manufacturers in the office supply industry to have the same forward-thinking approach.”

“We decided to allow Dolphin Blue to sell Recyclabels because we respect its brand and the company’s ability to sell recycled products,” said Pinnacle president Ches Cochran. “We look forward to creating other products for Dolphin Blue. With Tom Kemper’s connections, leadership and expertise in the provision of green office products, we know that this agreement marks the beginning of a profitable relationship.”

Preceding Products

Prior to this agreement, Dolphin Blue has worked with manufacturers to bring products to market. The company played a hand in producing the first and only 80% post-consumer recycled content CD sleeve when Bioneers, a sustainability education group, wanted CD sleeves that were made from environmentally responsible material.

Kemper and his team at Dolphin Blue scoured the market, seeking a CD sleeve made with recycled content. When they could not find one, Dolphin Blue contracted with a manufacturer to produce a sleeve made of 80% post-consumer recycled 16-point, ultra bright white paperboard, which is also comprised of 20% FSC-Certified pulp. This product is now available on the company’s Web site.

For the U.S. Postal Service, Dolphin Blue facilitated the development of the first envelope made from 100% post-consumer recycled and certified processed chlorine-free waste paper, supporting the USPS’ Saving of America’s Resources (SOAR) “buy recycled” initiative. By buying paper products made of recycled materials, the USPS ensures its steady supply of Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail, otherwise destined for the landfill, has a second and sustainable life through successful recycling.

About Dolphin Blue

Based in Dallas, Dolphin Blue is an online retailer of environmentally responsible office supplies. Since 1993, Dolphin Blue has promoted the responsible stewardship of Earth’s resources by encouraging the conscientious purchase of everyday business supplies. All products sold through Dolphin Blue contain, at minimum, 20% post-consumer recycled material, with many items being made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Product packages and labels are made using only post-consumer recycled materials and are printed using soy and vegetable-based inks.

For more information, phone (800) 932-7715 or visit

About Pinnacle Label

Pinnacle Label Inc. is a market leader in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels. The company makes stock and custom cut sheet labels for electronic imaging equipment and sheet fed offset presses, and has passed several print tests at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Printing Applications Laboratory in Rochester, NY. Pinnacle has received national recognition for its Clean Edge Technology process of manufacturing cut-sheet labels that eliminate jamming and adhesive contamination issues common to many laser printing operations.

Pinnacle Label has its headquarters and production facility in Buffalo, NY, maintains a sales office in Dallas, and has distribution centers located around the nation.

For more information, phone (800) 875-7000 or visit

SIDEBAR: General-Product Specifications for Recyclabels

  • Multi-purpose labels for laser and inkjet printers, copiers, and digital or offset printing
  • Laser and inkjet guaranteed
  • 100% post consumer recycled facestock
  • 100% recyclable adhesive
  • FSC-certified recycled face stock
  • Certified processed chlorine-free paper fiber
  • Acid-free adhesive and face stock
  • Available in eight layouts
  • Premium packaging
  • One hundred sheets per box
  • Ten boxes per carton