Dow Corning Corp., a leader in innovative silicone technology for the construction industry, has added two new products to its family of stain and water repellents. Dow Corning® 6706W and 6707W Penetrating Stain Repellents are water-based fluorosilane post-treatments that provide effective, environmentally sound water and oil repellency to porous construction materials like concrete, natural stone (such as sandstone and limestone), pavers, mortar, and grout.

The small molecular size of Dow Corning 6706W and 6707W Penetrating Stain Repellents allows them to penetrate easily into the material surface, where they chemically bond to most construction substrates. The resulting layer of hydrophobic protection reduces water absorption and the damage that can occur due to freeze-thaw cycles.

The 6706W Penetrating Stain Repellent is a ready-to-use product. The 6707W Penetrating Stain Repellent is a concentrate that can be diluted with soft water. Both products are solvent-free and will not damage glass, metal, wood, or most plastics.

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