WELD-ON®45 structural adhesive has received approval for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) specification 746C. The UL certification is for use on aluminum and for fiberglass composite substrates.

WELD-ON is a high-viscosity, two-part methacrylate adhesive that bonds to unprepared corrosion-resistant metals and to plastics used in sign making and plastic assembly applications.

WELD-ON is used for replacing mechanical fasteners, rivets and welds during sign fabrication and other component fabrication.  The adhesive offers high-strength properties, corrosion resistance and improved aesthetics, which can combine to lower production costs.

Production advantages of WELD-ON 45 adhesives include low odor, five-minute open times, 15-minute handling strength, high bond strength and a 12-month shelf life.  The product is available in 50ml or 400ml dual-component cartridges.

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