Ninety children participated in creating this prize-winning window film for a children's library.

Serviços Publicitários (Portugal) was awarded first prize for the total “interior wrap” of a pharmacy.

The MACtac Worldwide Awards, created to reward excellence in the field of visual communication, help the industry grow and offer new ideas to end-users, were recently presented in Lisbon, Portugal, with over 200 finalists selected from thousands of entries.

Leading sign-industry magazine editors were joined on the jury by technical, advertising and creative experts across the fields of application, printing, and design. Work from printers, applicators and end users from all over Europe was submitted in four different categories: Vehicle Graphics, Interior Signs, Exterior Signs, and Technical Achievements.

In addition, a special Advertising Prize was awarded to the entry considered most relevant and groundbreaking from an advertiser’s point of view.

A variety of innovative projects made the judging extremely difficult. “The wealth of the advertising industry is not money,” said Alain Godefroid, president of the jury. “Our real wealth is our ideas. So we have to consider these entries with an open mind, and also with a lot of respect.”

European Prize Winner for Vehicle Graphics: Kask Design s.n.c.
Based in Italy, Kask decorated a “family of cars” for the FIAT Cinquecento 50th Anniversary rally inspired by the Disney  movie Cars. The original design and human touch make them particularly attractive.

Special Mention: Fischnaller Beschriftungen, Austria
Also in the fleet category, Fischnaller’s 2008 European Football Championship promotion involved 17 locomotives wrapped in football visuals and the national flags of participating countries. The graphics conveyed a strong sense of movement, while a 3D effect added even more impact to the message.

European Prize Winner for Exterior Signs: Jupiter Display (UK)
The astonishing colors and visuals of this giant ampersand sculpture were designed to decorate the space between two roundabouts. The jury found the execution particularly original.

Special Mention: Cardesign Kft. (Hungary)
A special acknowledgement was given for  the intelligent use of vinyl graphics to hide a roof window in an ancient building and so comply with local legislation.

European Prize Winner for Interior Decoration: PK Media b.v. (The Netherlands)
PK Media’s unique mix of nature and graphics saw a forest background printed onto the windows of a dinosaur exhibition. The natural sunlight outside brought the forest - and the dinosaurs - to life.

Outstanding Technical Achievement: Alligator (Sweden)
The perfect registering of graphics on this company's ‘checkered car decoration’ was achieved on a tri-dimensional shape and left no room for error at the application stage.

Special Mention: Publi Tresignies b.v.b.a. (Belgium)
Publi Tresignies achieved a total wrap application with tri-dimensional shapes on a “one man” vehicle (Product: IMAGin JT 5529 P).

Advertising Prize: Print Studio d.o.o. (Croatia)
Promoting clothes and shoes on a bus shelter, Print Studio created an eye-catching display that made a strong impact, with high-quality graphics attracting the attention of passersby to effectively communicate the advertising message.

Jupiter Display was awarded first prize for this giant ampersand sculpture.

Regional Awards


First Prize:
Pol Reclame (The Netherlands) decorated a bank’s windows, elevator and cash dispenser room with high-quality “trompe l’oeil” wildlife images to create a unique atmosphere in an ordinary environment.

Second Prize:Publi Tresignies b.v.b.a. (Belgium), for intriguing labyrinth visuals applied to a van for a telecom company.

Third Prize:XL Digital b.v.b.a. (Belgium), for its visuals of Brussels, which offer visitors to Parliament a unique view of the city’s history and future on a triangular structure.

Eastern Countries

First Prize:
G&G Studio Sp. z o.o. (Poland), for a new type of tram shelter decoration that uses vinyl instead of paint to create a strong impact both day and night.

Second Prize:Centrum Promocji “REKLAMIX” (Poland), whose window decoration combined window graphics with views onto the landscape outside.


First Prize:
Acte-Deco, for the creation and production of ready-to-apply self-adhesive graphics for private and professional users. Hundreds of designs are available, and graphics can be ordered online, opening up a world of new opportunities for interior decoration.

Second Prize:Decapub, for its clever use of MACtac’s “Bubble Free” products. Shipping graphics to 90 LALIQUE jewelry shops all over the world, it allowed shopkeepers to apply graphics to their windows themselves. Wide format imagery of the famous Cabochon ring in particular makes an eye-catching decoration.

Italy – Turkey – Greece – Cyprus

First Prize:
Grafilab (Italy), for decorating car washing equipment to create a real atmosphere for car lovers in one of the least-exotic places they might find themselves.

Second Prize:Studiograph s.r.l. (Italy), which used graphics to create a floor made of ‘straw’ and introduced an element of surprise to the CALZEDONIA summer fashion show.

Third Prize:DIFO Lab (Turkey), for half-tone black and white graphics applied to glass for an exhibition at the Isbansi Museum in Istanbul, taking visitors back in time and creating a suitably mysterious ambience.


First Prize:
Baldursson Datadekal Ab (Sweden) decorated a can and bottle recycling center with relevant and attractive forest visuals that fit perfectly with the recycling concept.


First Prize:
Grafite – Pacharo – Serviços Publicitários (Portugal), for the total “interior wrap” of a pharmacy, a unique decor that speaks for itself.

Second Prize:Soluciones Pirez S.L. (Spain), which decorated the Kio Torres in Madrid with naïve-looking graphics to bring an innocent, human touch to a crowded city.

Third Prize:Dinarte (Spain), for an event graphic at the Tunnel Congress. Its 3D vision of train and tube tunnels allowed visitors to look inside without leaving the stand.

UK - Ireland

First Prize:
Creative Window Film (UK), for working with 90 children to design a unique decoration at a children’s library. Its drawings were applied to transparent vinyl over windows, allowing natural sunlight to add a magical atmosphere.

Second Prize:Kokoon Limited (UK), for decorating studio offices with visuals that appear to be suspended in mid-air for a real feeling of space.

Third Prize:Raccoon (UK), which gave 25 of the world’s most expensive cars a sense of humor for the Gumball 3000 Rally (London – Asia – London).

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