Charles Ross & Son Co. has announced the availability of complete sanitary mixing and dispersion systems.  Each system is designed to suit the needs of the customer for which it is built, and each unit typically includes:
  • 316 stainless steel construction, polished to a 17RA finish
  • Multiple mix vessels designed for 10 psig/full-vacuum operation
  • Jacketed vessels mounted on caster wheels
  • High-speed , high-shear and low-speed agitators
  • Touch-screen control systems
Rupture discs, pressure sensors, flow controls, special valves, sanitary piping, and insulated and sheathed jackets are also available. Vessel and mixer sizes are available from fractional to 250 HP. The systems can be designed for either batch or continuous operation.

For more information, e-mailjpaterson@mixers.comor call (772) 337-0900.