Elemica logistics solution integrates transportation parties and processes.

Elemica, the industry-leading B2B supply chain execution network, announces that BASF, one of the largest producers of chemicals in North America, has implemented the Elemica Logistics Road solution to facilitate collaboration with its carriers. The project, which seamlessly connects, standardizes and automates logistics processes with more than 100 North American road carriers of all sizes, was implemented in less than six months. Elemica’s next-generation logistics platform provides the flexibility and scalability carriers need to connect to the network regardless of their technical infrastructure.

Streamlining connection through Elemica to its North American road carriers, who transport several hundred thousand shipments annually, means that BASF can expect to yield short-term results and build strong relationships with their carriers to drive sustainable value.

“In an effort to respond to erratic market conditions, manage capacity constraints, contain escalating freight rates and demanding vendor requirements, companies like BASF turn to Elemica to get the job done right and to keep their supply chain flowing much more cost effectively,” said Elemica CEO Mike McGuigan. “With Elemica’s Logistics Solution, companies gain real-time insight into the status of their shipments, automate processes, ensure compliance with customer needs and cut freight expenses.”

“Elemica keeps costs of external communications down by handling all of our outside connections, ” said Tom Warner, manager of e-Commerce Systems Integration for BASF. “Rather than interfacing with a couple hundred customers and suppliers, we only have to connect once. Elemica is the middleman that sits between all of us, ensuring we’re all coordinated in the electronic playground. BASF gains by streamlining processes for lower transportation costs and improved customer service levels.”

BASF is using the Road module of Elemica’s business process network to garner visibility into carrier activities, ensuring shipments are correct, the right carriers are selected for order requirements, and improving shipment turnaround time. The Elemica network integrates with BASF’s ERP system, improving invoice and shipment accuracy. Carriers can view the loads and bookings that BASF has tendered to them, respond to tender offers, set pickup and delivery appointments, communicate shipment status information, and submit freight invoices.

Benefits of the Elemica Logistics implementation include collaborative planning and execution with carriers for “right carrier at the right time” scenarios, higher on-time delivery, single point of visibility and real-time access to information for better, faster decision making, reporting for trending and performance management, reduced transportation spend with optimal carrier selection, and more.

Carriers no longer have to support multiple shipper systems in their back-office environments, enabling better responsiveness to shipper demands. Says Tom Warner of BASF, “This is a win-win for both sides. The whole process just works better.”

About Elemica

Elemica was founded by 22 leading global corporations to deliver best-in-class integration of trade partners in the external supply chain for seamless execution of business processes such as order management. Elemica’s sophisticated hub automates the execution of key business processes, removes transactional and communication barriers, and integrates the information flow between business partners, resulting in reduced operations costs and faster process execution with fewer resources. Clients include Dow, BP, Rohm and Haas, Shell Chemicals, BASF, and Lanxess.

For more information, visit www.elemica.com.