To eliminate the problems associated with fluid leaking from tanks, pumps, vessels, trays and other containers, Baumer has introduced the FODK 23 Optical Sensor for Leak Monitoring. The evaluation electronics for this sensor are housed in a chemically resistant, IP67-rated sheath made of Teflon PFA, which allows the device to withstand exposure to a range of liquids including acids, alkalis, mineral oil and any other non-conductive liquids. Typically, 1 ml of leaked liquid will make the sensor react.

The FODK 23 sensor is screwed or glued onto a dry floor or base panel in the area where leakage might occur.  The sensor’s PVC or PFA installation clip allows the device to be snapped into place and removed quickly without requiring tools.   Safe for use with hazardous materials, this sensor can be used in applications such as automated manufacturing, food/beverage processing, laboratory automation, shipbuilding/marine, packaging, and water treatment.

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