IRphotonics has announced the opening of its first Application Engineering Center dedicated to the development and optimization of heating and adhesive curing processes for its growing customer base. The expansion is in response to increasing interest in the thermal spot curing system developed by IRphotonics as an inline portable heat source for the localized heating of bonded assemblies and curing of adhesives.

IRphotonics’ Application Engineering team, composed of engineers with post-graduate research and practical experience with materials and heating processes, works closely with clients from various industries to develop optimal curing processes and achieve best-in-class quality and productivity. A range of services including degree of cure, characterization and cure optimization can be performed for a variety of curing adhesives.

"Our new Application Engineering team will assist clients optimizing their curing processes by allowing them to benefit from our unique thermal spot curing technology,” said Ruben Burga, vice president of IRphotonics. “The iCure system has been designed to overcome the limitations of thermal oven and UV curing, and to offer more flexibility to process engineers. We look forward to working with a growing number of partners to help them solve their process challenges."

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