The TridakTMModel 826 disposable fluid path valve (pinch valve) features adjustable suck-back control to provide clean shut-off for tacky, stringy materials, and prevents material drool from forming at the dispense tip with low-viscosity fluids. This ensures highly accurate and consistent part-to-part shot volume.

The Model 826 pinch valve also features disposable fluid path technology, which protects fluids from contamination and air entrapment while facilitating rapid material changeover with minimal clean-up. The fluid tubing is easily replaceable, and is available in two sizes and a variety of materials to ensure complete compatibility with the fluids being dispensed, including materials used in medical, pharmaceutical, and food-contact applications. The Model 826 valve’s technology eliminates expensive seal-kit maintenance. 

The Model 826 dispensing valve is ideal for all low-to-high viscosity materials, including those that have stringy flow properties. This valve possesses flow control and a unique over-stroke adjustment that permit fluid deposits ranging from micro-liter shots to continuous beads. The over-stroke adjustment feature prevents tubing damage, allowing users to secure millions of cycles from the fluid tubing before replacement may be required. The Tridak Model 345 valve controller is best suited for actuation of this valve.

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