TECTOSIL®, a new thermoplastic encapsulant for the manufacture of photovoltaic modules, provides sensitive solar cells with effective and long-lasting protection against mechanical and chemical stresses. It is non-corrosive and can be used with any type of module. Tectosil is a flexible, highly transparent and electrically insulating sheet comprising a silicone-organo copolymer. Because of its thermoplastic properties, this silicone-based polymer can be processed quickly and inexpensively without curing or chemical reactions. The lamination process thus benefits from short production cycles and a high tolerance to local temperature differences within the laminator. 

Tectosil sheets help to lower manufacturing costs and ensure that modules are produced in consistently high quality. Solar cells encapsulated in Tectosil are afforded optimum protection against mechanical and chemical stresses. The material bonds the components of a PV module into a stable laminate. Since it is highly elastic and extremely flexible across a very large temperature range, it can compensate the different thermal expansions of the laminate materials. 

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