Pres-On has expanded its in-house die-cutting capabilities of gaskets and tapes used in the assembly of furniture, vehicles, consumer electronics, and countless other products.

Designed to speed up assembly time and provide significant cost savings for OEMs, Pres-On tapes and gaskets can be die cut in intricate, custom patterns with exceptional edge quality to fit any specified size application or opening. Virtually any non-metallic material can be cut, including foam, felt, rubber, cork, silicone sponge and vinyl. Pressure-sensitive, high-tack or low-tack adhesive is coated directly on the gaskets or tapes using the company's unique "wet coating" process for superior adhesive anchorage resistant to temperature extremes, aging, and UV degradation.

Common applications for Pres-On adhesive products include bonding and joining, thermal insulation, vibration dampening, noise reduction, waterproof sealing, and insulation. The benefit of using adhesive tapes to bond rather than rivets or screws is that the tension is dispersed along the length of the bond rather than at one or two places. It also gives a product a cleaner, sleeker appearance.

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