In response to growing customer demand in several key markets, Plastican Inc. will invest in additional molds for rigid plastic pails. This sizable capital investment will boost the capacity to produce open-head pails at several of the company’s plants later this year.

“We continue to grow our business,” said James Coletta Jr., Plastican’s senior vice president for sales and marketing. “Our durable, cost-effective containers and conscientious customer service have given Plastican a solid reputation in the industry, and we are committed to upholding those standards in the future.”

Manufactured at four company-owned plants, Plastican containers are available in many sizes and shapes to hold a variety of products, including lubricants and specialty chemicals. An innovative leader in the manufacture of high-performance rigid plastic packaging, Plastican works closely with customers to understand their requirements and recommend the best container for the application. By using custom resin blends where necessary, Plastican meets customer-specific performance requirements, such as ambient and frozen impact strength, compression strength, and environmental-stress crack resistance. Efficient molding technologies, lean manufacturing processes and in-house testing ensure an economical and reliable solution. The company’s experts can also help choose the decorating process and photo-quality graphics that best enhance the container’s visual appeal.

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