Momentive Performance Materials has announced the introduction of a new global heat-cured rubber platform beginning in 2010.

Momentive Performance Materials recently announced that, beginning in 2010, it will introduce Silplus silicone elastomers, a new global heat-cured rubber (high-consistency elastomer) platform based on a uniform production process and raw material inputs. The launch will be supported by an asset strategy in line with Momentive’s strong global footprint. The new products will be produced primarily in Leverkusen, Germany, Shanghai, China, and Ohta, Japan. All production sites will use a mix process resulting in higher-quality elastomers with good physical properties and a lower level of volatility.

The new global Silplus elastomer portfolio will consist of three platforms, each designed to meet the needs of different applications, and will be offered in a range of hardnesses. The platforms will include Silplus MP multi-purpose silicone elastomers, Silplus EX extrudable silicone elastomers and Silplus HS high-strength silicone elastomers.

Silplus MP multi-purpose silicone elastomers will help provide customers with flexibility to more easily compound or blend elastomers to achieve desired properties, and may be considered for use in a range of applications and processing equipment. Silplus EX silicone elastomers help provide enhanced green strength and excellent extrusion performance, and may be considered for applications such as hose, tubing, and profiles.  For higher-performance applications, Silplus HS silicone elastomers can help provide higher strength and enhanced mechanical properties. All products have been tested against a variety of standards that may be required for potential applications in a variety of industries, including healthcare, consumer, automotive, and energy.

“We are excited by the many benefits that the new Silplus elastomers will bring – high-quality materials, produced in a uniform production process, available in a transparent portfolio around the world,” said Robert Gnann, global market director of Momentive’s Elastomer business. “This new platform will naturally result in requalification for some of our customers. We are sensitive to the situation and are dedicated to supporting our customers through the transition.”

Following the introduction of the new global Silplus elastomer platform, Momentive intends to continue providing individual, customized HCE solutions to customers.

In order to meet the increasing global demand for these elastomers, Momentive will double the capacity of its plant in Shanghai by the end of 2009. The Shanghai facility, exclusively dedicated to silicone elastomer production, utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and operates under high quality and safety standards.

Many of the new Silplus grades are currently available for sampling.

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