Sekisui Voltek, a global leader in the development of high-performance flexible polyolefin substrates, has announced a corporate restructuring and a refocusing of the business and its core resources.

In an effort to streamline the company and refocus its technical expertise on its core competencies (web-based flexible substrates), Sekisui Voltek eliminated a small portion of its product portfolio in the fourth quarter of 2008. 

While the global financial crisis of early 2009 deeply affected many other organizations, the recent restructuring has enabled Sekisui Voltek to further develop its technical capabilities and product offering.  According to President Toshio Konno, “A thorough review of total costs and the implementation of flexible operating conditions were instrumental in our success.”

The company believes the primary reason for its second-half rebound was directly related to its renewed focus on improved customer satisfaction and strong technical service. A strategic investment made in early 2008 coupled with an expanded operating schedule has the company poised to exploit capacity in order to explore new markets and develop more-diverse applications.

Moving forward, Sekisui Voltek will remain focused on:
  1. Maintaining Market Leadership - The company will maintain customer satisfaction as its primary goal. This will enable consistency in product, processing and service.
  2. Continuous Cost Control - The company pledges to continually work with suppliers and employees to ensure future sustainability.
  3. Aggressive New Product Development - Utilizing its extensive global resources, Sekisui Voltek will develop new and emerging technologies to enhance the capabilities of their Volara® and Volextra® lines, introducing new products that meet ever-changing flexible substrate market needs.
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