This company has expended its existing range of vinyl acetate/ethylene-based (VAE) dispersions for adhesives with a novel product specifically developed for the requirements of the paper and packaging industry. The new product - VINNAPAS®XD 05 - is a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to existing packaging adhesives based on polyvinyl acetate (PVAc). The product is also characterized by high setting speed and good machine processability. This makes VINNAPAS XD 05 ideal for formulating packaging adhesives, which are especially suitable for food applications due to extremely low migration potential.

Adhesives formulated with VINNAPAS XD 05 have very good adhesion and cohesion, a high setting speed and good machine processability. A further benefit of this product is that additional additives - such as plasticizers - can be eliminated in the formulating of adhesives. This both simplifies formulation and increases manufacturing productivity. In addition, it means that the product meets the latest environmental and safety standards, offering a sustainable, future-proof solution.

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