Henkel Corp. has introduced a new thread sealant, Loctite®5452TM, specifically formulated for use on metal fittings found in high-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic power systems. Curing four times faster than traditional anaerobic sealants even on stainless steel or inert metals, Loctite 5452 allows fittings under low pressure to be returned to service immediately. 

Designed to fill, seal and secure the air space between threads, this sealant contains no fillers or particles that could contaminate system fluids, foul valves or clog fine filters/screens. This thixotropic purple gel works well on any size NPT, O-ring boss (ORB) or JIC fitting, and prevents rotation that ultimately leads to leakage on dry seal fittings.

Loctite 5452 locks fittings from vibrational loosening, yet offers controlled strength for easy disassembly. This product seals mating surfaces of flare-style fittings, filling scratches and surface imperfections. Available in 50 or 250 ml tubes, the thread sealant withstands operating temperatures from -65 to 300°F and resists pressures to 10,000 psi.

For more information, visitwww.henkelna.com/mronew.