Eastman Chemical Co. has announced the successful expansion of RegaliteTMcapacity at its hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin facility in Middelburg, The Netherlands. With this expansion, original capacity has increased by 65%.

Regalite hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins produced at Eastman's Middelburg facility meet the growing need for high-quality tackifier resins that are compatible with a range of thermoplastic polymers used extensively in adhesives, sealants and polymer compounds.

"This expansion builds further upon the success of our Regalite products in the market," said Mark Costa, executive vice president for Specialty Polymers, Coatings and Adhesives and chief marketing officer.  "Not only do we follow through on our commitment to the market and our customers, but we are also able to add on to our sustainability efforts. Eastman has further optimized its production process with this expansion, now using less energy per ton of end product. It also reduces the region's dependence on imported resins and enables Eastman to meet growth needs around the globe."

"The end markets in which Regalite is sold have performed with strength even during the economic downturn, which further justifies Eastman's investment in these growing markets," added Rien Jonker, Middelburg's site manager. "This has been one of the biggest expansions of Eastman Chemical Co. in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region in the last decade. Investments in Middelburg are a part of Eastman's overall growth and investment strategy for hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins. The site, region and business management are prepared to work further to make Middelburg the right site for future investments."

The Middelburg tackifier resin plant is one of the largest in the world, producing a range of rosin and hydrocarbon resins and dispersions. Regalite hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins have been produced since 1985, and are used extensively in a variety of hot-melt adhesives, polymer compounds, and plastic modifications. Thanks to their versatility and broad compatibility, Regalite hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins can be formulated with a wide range of styrenic and polyolefinic polymers, and offer excellent color, stability and adhesion.

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