Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.’s See-Flo®1100 is a new and improved fixed-ratio, positive displacement, meter/mix dispense system ideal for manual and automated adhesive and sealant applications in the production and assembly of glass, metal, plastic, and composite materials.

The See-Flo 1100 Meter-Mix Dispense System is ideal for potting transformers, sealing insulating glass, bonding solar panel modules, bonding wind blades, product assembly bonding or sealing applications and self-contained mobile dispensing units.

The system accurately meters low- to high-viscosity, two-component materials such as epoxies, urethanes, silicones, and acrylics supplied by pumps or pressure tanks. The See-Flo 1100 meter and supply assemblies can be floor-mounted or mobile-cart mounted, and may be process-integrated by Sealant Equipment with a dispensing robot assembly.

The See-Flo 1100 is ideal for dispensing continuous precision beads or large volumes of high-viscosity, two-part materials. The fixed ratio, rod displacement meter ensures the correct ratio and flow rate is dispensed onto the product being assembled. The basic See-Flo 1100 meter has no control panel and is all-pneumatic operated. Advanced assemblies have electronic panels for controlling the dispensing system.

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